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How the 1000TRAX app works

You will find three buttons at the top of the 1000TRAX app, of which the middle one is the most crucial. It is the play button.

Press the play button, and the music begins. A lovely blend of all our lounge trax with vocals will play. If you prefer a mixed instrumental, press the "No Vox" button. However, if you wish to hear a mix of vocal and instrumental, press the "Mix" button.

When the music is playing, the play button automatically becomes a pause button. The previous and next buttons let you skip songs or repeat them, just as easily as other well-known music players.

The tempo function is logical and intuitive. Press the On/Off button under tempo. Raise or lower the music's tempo with the + and - buttons, all without having to find new playlists. There is no need to search for new music as soon as the mood is rising and the music needs to keep up, or if the music needs to match the calmness of the sunset. A single button press makes all the difference for your customers and your business.

1000TRAX provides hours of cool music. With a lounge music style that is becoming increasingly popular everywhere, it also provides a sense of both abundance and pleasant energy.

If you want a more "blissful vibe", activate the chillout button. Here, 1000TRAX provides a spa and wellness atmosphere, almost making you feel as if you are floating.

The 1000TRAX logo is not just for show – press and hold for 3 seconds to reset the 1000TRAX app, allowing you to select new settings again. We call it our "panic" button – so no panic here. It is always easy to get back to the start when you wish.

On page 2 (settings), you can set the tempo more precisely in the range you need. It is easily adjusted with the two dots on the line. Below the tempo range, you can control the volume with a standard fader.

On the last page, you will find login and user details.