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The Team

Michael Pfundheller

Michael Pfundheller


Michael has been producing and writing music for over 30 years, and has been behind countless international hits and corresponding Grammy awards. A multitude of platinum and gold records also attest to an extremely successful producer and songwriter. Michael's talent as a pianist and his keen ear for music have resulted in more than 2000 compositions. His music has been extensively used in TV, radio, and film. At the same time, his understanding of economics and business has laid the foundation for several companies in Denmark and Switzerland.

Ian Swycher

Ian Swycher


Ian is a qualified accountant with over 20 years of experience in running and developing businesses. During the last decade, Ian has been heavily involved in a wide range of businesses. He has served at C-level positions and/or advisory board seats and has been involved with more than 30 companies worldwide. Ian holds a B.A. Hons from Sheffield University and is a Chartered Accountant (ICAEW).

Morten Oreby

Morten Oreby

Director of Partnerships & CRM

Morten Oreby has an extensive telecom industry experience, including senior roles at TDC Erhverv, CBB & Bibob, and NanoMobil. Known for digital prowess and customer-centric approaches, Morten drives 1000TRAX's customer acquisition, retention, and partnership initiatives.

Jan Lyngsø Nielsen

Jan Lyngsø Nielsen

Account Manager

Jan has two decades of sales experience and a strong track record from renowned companies such as Philip Morris International, TNT/FedEx, British Airways, and AirBaltic. Jan isn't just a seasoned professional; he's also a highly cherished colleague known for his infectious enthusiasm, dedication, and commercial acumen. 

Niklas Germany

Niklas Boehrs


Niklas started his career in 2015 at Germany's largest national distributor for print media, where he completed a dual degree in business administration and also trained as a wholesale merchant. With 8 years of sales experience and the last 2 years as Head of Finance and Operations in a tech start-up, he has extensive expertise. Niklas' extensive experience enables him to provide significant impetus to the operations at 1000TRAX.

Frank Meier 2 foto

Frank Maier


Frank is an experienced and self-motivated manager who brings valuable industry experience in the tech, distribution retail and consumer goods sectors. He has successfully demonstrated his passion for communication, as well as his sales talent in a wide variety of fields. Through his 15 years of experience in the international hospitality and retail industry, he brings a large network of partnerships to successfully position 1000TRAX.


Johnny Madsen Q

Johnny Thun

Marketing Manager

With over two decades of expertise, Johnny Thun stands as a seasoned veteran in the advertising sector, adept in both online and traditional media. At the helm of his own advertising agency, Johnny has championed the promotional efforts of established brands and has been the driving force behind the marketing strategies of numerous small and medium-sized startups, positioning them for success in a competitive marketplace.

Stephanie Jensen

Stephanie Hallman Jensen


Stephanie has worked in business administration for over 12 years in various industries, mainly in London. She holds a bachelor's degree in international business communication from CBS and is AATQB-qualified as a bookkeeper.

MC foto

Mark Chemnitz


Mark is exceptionally talented as a live musician, producer, composer, and songwriter. He has made a name for himself through his work in performing, composing, and arranging music both nationally and internationally. Mark has also served as the music director for TV shows like "Dansk Poptalent" (2016/2017) and played roles in the casting of popular shows such as The Voice, X Factor, and Allstars. His innovative mindset became apparent when he introduced the "P stage" drive-in concert venue, which garnered global interest amidst the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Frank Sørensen

Frank Sørensen

Technology Partner

Clondyke Software is a software development company from Aarhus. It was founded in 2013 and is led daily by Frank Sørensen, who holds a Master of Arts in Information Studies from Aarhus University. Clondyke Software is known as a skilled collaboration partner and creator of various digital solutions for businesses. Most recently, they have developed AI solutions for 1000TRAX. Originally, Clondyke Software was a subcontractor for the development of 1000TRAX's mobile app, but since then, they have taken over the development and maintenance of the majority of 1000TRAX's custom-built systems, including the development of an AI solution.