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We are hiring, join our team

We are seeking:

Web Developer, with check marks in as much of the following as possible:

  • A sense for graphics.
  • CSS theme building. (Bootstrap, Sass, Compass)
  • Internationalization. That is, an understanding that content needs to be presentable in different languages and local standards.
  • Use of templates for presentation, specifically Twig. (
  • Git
  • Drupal (CMS,
  • Programming in JavaScript (JQuery-flavour).
  • Programming in PHP (lightweight).
  • Preferably experience with Slim4 framework. (

Website / tools / backend API:

  • Programming in PHP 8 (heavyweight). Proficient in PSR standards.
  • Preferably experience with Slim4 framework.
  • Composer for PHP.
  • Programming in JavaScript (for tools).
  • Git
  • Drupal (CMS,

Backend / system administration:

  • Programming in PHP 8 (heavyweight). Proficient in PSR standards and PDO for PHP.
  • Development of REST services.
  • Git
  • MySQL 8
  • Linux (Ubuntu).
  • AWS.

Mobile App Development:

  • Programming in React Native. (Current version 0.69)
  • Ability to develop for both iOS and Android.
  • Git
  • Preferably experience with Sonos.

We are looking for candidates with a broad set of skills and experience in web and app development, who can contribute to our projects across various technologies and platforms.