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1000TRAX Studios, nestled in the picturesque city of Lucerne, Switzerland, epitomizes professional recording excellence, boasting an impressive array of outboard gear and synthesizers. The flagship Main (A) Room is equipped with a formidable 112/224 channel Harrison Trion Console, while the (B) Studio showcases a fully loaded 96-channel Yamaha DM-2000, catering to diverse recording needs.

The studio’s collection of outboard gear is nothing short of remarkable, featuring multiple TC-M5000 units, klark teknik spectrum/eq’s etc, an extensive collection of Roland synths including more than 10 JV1080 and JV2080, along with the iconic JP 8000/8080 series. Drum machine enthusiasts will appreciate the inclusion of vintage Roland models like the TR 707/626/505/(with Linn hka mod chip), complemented by the Mks 50, D50/D20, gopiano, SV80, and an array of Yamaha machines including the RX11/17/21 and the classic DX 7/21/100. The synthesizer selection is further enhanced with some Cs 1x’s, TG 77/500, Emu Emax, Emu Proteus 1, Emu proteus 2000,Emu Procussion, AKAI S1100/S3000/S3200, Korg MS-2000/mini korg, Waldorf pulse, Virus, Nordlead Rack, Orla drums, among others, all integrated seamlessly with Fatar mother keyboards.

Monitoring is no less impressive, with a lineup that includes the industry-standard Yamaha NS10, Genelec, Fane, Auratones, and Avantones, ensuring pristine sound reproduction. The studio also offers a diverse microphone inventory to suit any recording requirement.

Connectivity and workflow efficiency are paramount at 1000TRAX Studios, with all outboard gear accessible through a digital patchbay, enabling instantaneous signal routing. This state-of-the-art setup not only streamlines the recording process but also significantly contributes to the studio’s growing repertoire of new songs and productions, solidifying 1000TRAX’s status as a hub of musical innovation.