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Music that works or has an impact is not a new concept, and with the prevalence of the internet and various streaming services, it has become easier to deliver music directly to customers. This can result in better sales and an improved customer experience. However, many shopkeepers and restaurateurs are unfamiliar with who should be paid for what and why. As a result, they often find themselves in a grey area that can lead to fines and possible exclusion from music services, which can have implications for their business. Avoid copyright fees and start boosting your sales with 1000TRAX.


Once you choose 1000TRAX as your music solution, you will only receive one bill. We own and manage all of our music, allowing us to sell you a solution without any additional costs. This means that when 1000TRAX is playing in the background, you can focus solely on your business. Neither you nor your employees have to spend time and resources finding playlists, playing DJ, or worrying about copyright charges and other music expenses. 1000TRAX provides copyright-free music that is exclusively composed to optimize the experience in your business and create a positive atmosphere for both customers and employees. It's that simple.


Our copyright-free music is carefully composed to create a good atmosphere. We have a team of professional singers, some famous and others just really good, to record our songs. So if you think some of the voices sound familiar, you're not mistaken. Check out our artists if you want to know who is singing. Our music provides your customers with a positive experience while they shop in your store or enjoy a good meal in your restaurant. The music is carefully composed to create a "feel-good" atmosphere and give a sense of abundance and positive energy. 1000TRAX gives your business a boost and creates a pleasant sound environment for both customers and employees.