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1000TRAX enters into an agreement with Felice Pedullá.

1000TRAX has entered into an agreement with Felice Pedullá to record vocals in Italian and German. He is a guitarist for DEL SOL, handling the lead parts for several of the songs, and is also responsible for writing a substantial portion of their music. He produces for DEL SOL alongside Christoph Seipel. Since 1984, Felice Pedullá has found success as a hit songwriter and producer in the Schlager music genre. He has played a pivotal role in the success of artists such as Gaby Baginsky, Roland Kaiser, Leonard, Ireen Sheer, Dana Winner, and Die Himmelsstürmer, among others. Currently, Felice Pedullá exclusively produces and writes music in collaboration with Christoph Seipel for Gaby Baginsky. In the early 1990s, Felice Pedullá was a member of the group Los Huertas, which he also co-produced.

felice pedulla