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Our Music

Our music

That's why 1000TRAX is so good

Established in 2019, 1000TRAX is a music production company that offers copyright-free music. There is a common misconception that you must always pay copyright fees when playing music. However, this is not true. Copyright fees are only applicable if the music is legally protected by copyright law. Copyright associations are responsible for protecting the rights of their members. Therefore, if a piece of music is not protected by copyright, no payment is required.

As all of our works are written, produced, and owned entirely by 1000TRAX, there is no need for copyright payments. Our team uses a combination of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to create trax. This approach allows us to obtain melodic changes driven by distinct musical rules. By leveraging the algorithms developed by our music-team, we can deliver an extensive range of musical trax with a hint of humanity into our system.

We create and produce music for various advertising projects, films, and TV shows. We do not collaborate with other publishers or companies when producing music.

All music in our system is recorded in our modern studios equipped with both new and traditional instruments and equipment. This enables us to achieve our desired quality and 100% copyright for 1000TRAX. This is why our customers do not have to pay any copyright fees.