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Britt Eilskov has made the exciting decision to join 1000trax as a singer, bringing with her a diverse background in performance and music. Britt is a graduate of the Malmö Musical Academy and has participated in various shows and musicals across Denmark, showcasing her versatile talents on stage.

In addition to her work in musical theatre, Britt has released her own German Schlager album titled "Tief ins Herz," demonstrating her ability to cross language barriers and connect with an international audience. Her work in the Schlager genre has allowed her to hone her skills and embrace a style of music that has a dedicated following.

Britt's experience in the music industry extends beyond her solo work. She has provided backing vocals for a variety of artists including Diskofil, Hit'n Hide, Birthe Kjær, Peter Mygin, and many others, proving her capacity to support and enhance the performances of other musicians.

Furthermore, Britt has lent her voice to several animated films, recording title songs and contributing to the creation of magical and memorable moments in animation. Her ability to adapt her voice to different styles and genres speaks to her professionalism and talent as a singer.

Now, as a part of the 1000trax team, Britt is set to bring her extensive experience, her passion for music, and her unique voice to our platform, promising a rich and varied musical experience for our audience. We are delighted to welcome Britt to the 1000trax family and look forward to the contributions she will make to our community.