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Lizette Ewald is the latest talented individual to join the 1000trax family, and she brings a unique and vibrant energy to our community. After completing her studies at Sankt Annæ Gymnasium in 1998, she dove headfirst into the world of music and performance, becoming a member of "Læderhalsene" – a Danish copyband with people who love to sing loudly and proudly.

Lizette's journey in the music industry is marked by her participation in various high-profile events and shows. She has been featured in the "Selvsving Galla" on DR from 2014 to 2018, P3 Guld, and the now-defunct "Musikbutikken". These appearances have allowed her to showcase her talent and versatility as a singer and performer to a broad audience.

In 2017, Lizette took her musical skills to the next level by completing her education at the Complete Vocal Institute (CVI) in Zurich, Switzerland. This prestigious institution is renowned for its comprehensive and innovative approach to vocal training, and Lizette's time there has undoubtedly honed her skills and expanded her understanding of the human voice.

Outside of her solo endeavors, Lizette is also a passionate educator, serving as a drama teacher at the Simply Theatre Academy in Zug, Switzerland. Her role as a teacher reflects her dedication to nurturing the next generation of performers and sharing her knowledge and experience with young, aspiring artists.

Lizette's love for music extends to her involvement in the Zurich Gospel Choir, where she lends her voice to create powerful and soul-stirring performances. Gospel music, with its deep roots and emotive power, is a perfect fit for Lizette's vocal style and her ability to convey emotion through song.

Joining the 1000trax family, Lizette is poised to bring her wealth of experience, her passion for music, and her unique voice to our platform. We are excited to see how her involvement will enrich our musical offerings and inspire both our audience and fellow artists. Welcome, Lizette, to the 1000trax music family!