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Henrik Launbjerg is the youngest of four brothers, three of whom are professional singers. At the age of 16, he embarked on his musical journey, attending a musical school in Miami, Florida.

Henrik has had a stellar career as the lead singer and songwriter for the band Toys of Joy, later renamed Tois, releasing three albums with them: "One of these days" (1991), which was released in Denmark, Canada, and Germany; "Still be" (1995), released in Denmark and Finland; and "Kinda Funky" (2001), only released in Denmark.

He has performed in numerous concerts spanning pop/rock and musical genres, often sharing the stage with his brothers. He is also the lead singer of the party orchestra "Beverly Hills Orchestra." In 1996, they released the CD "Absolut Røvbalde volume 1," and in October 2003, they traveled to Cuba to record their second CD with local guest musicians.

Henrik has appeared on several TV shows and has played significant roles in a multitude of theater plays and musicals, taking on both lead and supporting roles.

Now, Henrik has entered into an exciting collaboration with 1000TRAX, a platform that brings his musical expertise and unique voice together with some of the finest talents in the industry. His dedication to music and his ability to create emotionally charged performances have found a new home at 1000TRAX, where he contributes to creating music that touches the hearts and souls of people worldwide.

This new phase in Henrik's career marks an exciting time where he not only shares his musical legacy with a global audience but also finds inspiration within the creative community at 1000TRAX. Henrik's journey with music continues to flourish, and his collaboration with 1000TRAX stands as a testament to his passion for the art and his relentless pursuit of musical excellence.