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Michael has firmly established himself in the music industry with over three decades of prolific production and songwriting, contributing to an impressive array of international hits and earning numerous Grammy recognitions. From 1995 to 2002, he played a pivotal role as the studio manager at FLEX records, where he honed his craft and collaborated with a variety of renowned artists.

His production, recording, and remixing talents have graced the works of celebrated names such as Infernal, Dr. Baker, Cartoons, ETA, Laid Back, and many more, spanning across diverse genres and styles. Michael's music has not only made its mark on the industry but has also found a home in numerous esteemed compilations from labels like Buddha Bar, Ambient Ibiza, Music for Dreams, and Café Del Mar.

The plethora of platinum and gold records in his portfolio stand testament to his successful career as a producer and songwriter. His creations have been a staple in TV shows, radio broadcasts, and films all around the globe, showcasing the universal appeal and versatility of his musical genius. Additionally, Michael lends his voice both as a soloist and a backing vocalist, adding another layer to his extensive musical repertoire.

As a founder of 1000TRAX, Michael brings his wealth of experience and expertise to the table – or rather, to the mixing table. He is essentially the patriarch of the 1000TRAX music family, aiming to infuse the platform with his seasoned understanding of music production and his commitment to excellence. Michael's vision is to elevate 1000TRAX to new heights, fostering a community of artists and music enthusiasts who share his passion for exceptional music.