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Sandra Hakky, a Danish singer, songwriter, and music producer, has made the exciting choice to join the 1000trax family, showcasing her unique blend of talent and experience.

Born in Denmark, with roots stretching to Egypt and the USA, Sandra has cultivated a multicultural perspective that shines through in her music. Her big break came with the hit single "To tilbage," in which she takes the lead, mesmerizing listeners with her powerful vocals.

Sandra's journey in the music industry began at an early age, recording her first track when she was just 16 years old. This early start has given her ample time to refine her skills and develop her artistic voice.

A true artist, Sandra not only co-produces her music but also writes all of her own lyrics, showcasing her commitment to authenticity and her hands-on approach to her craft. The single "To tilbage" fits comfortably within the 70’s soul and R&B genre, yet it is imbued with a touch of modern sound, illustrating Sandra's ability to blend the classic with the contemporary.

We at 1000trax are thrilled to welcome Sandra Hakky to our platform. Her rich background, her deep connection to her music, and her innovative approach make her a standout addition to our community. We are looking forward to seeing how her involvement will enrich our musical offerings and inspire both our audience and fellow artists. Welcome, Sandra, to the 1000trax music family!