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Marie is a talented and experienced singer who has harbored a passion for music from a very early age. She has previously made her mark in the music industry with the release of her two albums in England, "One" (2004) and "Fastlane" (2007), with the latter achieving great success as its title track reached the top 3 on Music Week's pop and country charts.

In recent years, Marie has worked as a session singer in various contexts, providing her with extensive experience within the music industry. Among other projects, she has contributed background vocals to several of Arvid’s latest songs, establishing collaborations with some of the other artists in the 1000trax family.

By joining 1000trax, Marie brings her vast experience, talent, and passion for music to the platform. She is known for her unique voice and her ability to convey emotions through her singing, making her a valuable addition to the 1000trax family. We look forward to working with her and are excited about the creative possibilities that this collaboration will bring. Welcome to Marie – we are eager to hear more from you on 1000trax!