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This is Sonja Portmann, a captivating musician whose life story and diverse cultural influences converge to create a tapestry of musical expression. Born and raised in the vibrant landscape of South Africa during the late 70s, Sonja's upbringing was shaped by the dynamic fusion of her South African heritage and Swiss lineage.

Sonja's early years were marked by the tumultuous backdrop of apartheid-era South Africa, where her existence itself challenged the unjust laws of the time, as her parents were deemed criminals for their union. Despite these challenges, Sonja emerged with a deep sense of resilience and a profound appreciation for the power of music to transcend boundaries.

Music has always been a central pillar of Sonja's life, instilled in her from her upbringing in South Africa, where every day was accompanied by a soundtrack of diverse sounds. From the soulful rhythms of African jazz legends like Miriam Makeba and Hugh Masakela to the pulsating beats of contemporary genres like kwaito and Amapiano, Sonja's musical palette is as diverse as the cultural landscape that shaped her.

Beyond the borders of her homeland, Sonja found inspiration in the iconic sounds of international artists such as Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, Chaka Khan, Etta James, and ABBA, each leaving an indelible mark on her musical sensibilities. For Sonja, music transcends mere entertainment—it is a universal language that speaks directly to the soul, a vessel for emotional expression and a conduit for connection.

As an artist, Sonja Portmann draws upon this rich tapestry of influences to craft music that is both deeply personal and universally resonant. With her recent joining of the 1000TRAX artist family, we are thrilled to welcome Sonja into our fold, recognizing her unique talent and the enriching contribution she brings to our collective musical journey. Together, we look forward to exploring new horizons and sharing the joy of music with audiences around the world.